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Introduction of Central mint

The mint relocated to Taiwan along with the government in 1949 and became subordinate to the Central Bank since then. In 1976, the mint relocated again to the current site in Gueishan District of Taoyuan City.

Business scope of the mint falls into:

  1. Manufacturing of Coinage and Medals: to be engaged in the minting of circulating coins and commemorative coins/medals (including proof coin sets and uncirculated coin sets).
  2. Making of Orders and Decorations: to undertake the business of making orders and decorations as commissioned by the Presidential Office to be awarded to citizens offering honorable services to the nation or society and foreigners promoting diplomatic relationship.
  3. Inscription of Official Seals: to undertake the business of inscribing official seals as commissioned by government agencies and schools.
  4. Side Businesses: to operate side businesses of manufacturing commemorative medals, bullion bars and other metallic products under the premise without affecting the main tasks.