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The Lucky Tiger Fine Silver Ingot (Type A)

The Lucky Tiger Fine Silver Ingot (Type A)
Product Information

The Lucky Tiger Fine Silver Ingot (Type A)


999 ‰ Pure Silver




26 x 34 (mm)

Maximum Mintage

3,050 pcs. of the Type A (Design of the NT$6 stamp)


“Boldly, the tiger leaps o’er the high hills! Richly, good fortune fills up the great halls!” May the Year of the Tiger bring you great blessings and the chance to prove your best!


Engraved in the upper part is the logo of Chunghwa Post Co., Ltd.; below this, the Chinese characters reading “Chunghwa Post Co., Ltd.”; and below that, “Ag999” and “1oz.” The traditional Chinese characters reading, “Mintage Undertaken by the Central Mint,” are engraved bottom-most.


To welcome the arrival of the Year of the Tiger, this Post has specially issued two types of the Lucky Tiger Fine Silver Ingots. There are 1,000 pieces for each type. Their themes derive from the designs of the NT$6 stamp and NT$13 stamp of the New Year’s Greeting Postage Stamps (Issue of 2021). Also issued are 1,500 sets of the Lucky Tiger Fine Silver Ingot Premium Edition (including both types of ingots) and 550 sets of the collectable set, each including a pair of fine silver ingots and 1 piece each of the pure gold ingot and high relief copper medal. The exquisite engraving and the fine casting method of these ingots in a special limited-edition minting make them highly collectable artifacts with a commemorative meaning.