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The Chinatrust Commemorative Medals Set

The Chinatrust Commemorative Medals Set
Product Information

The Chinatrust Commemorative Medals Set


The Gold Medal:99.99% Pure Gold / The Silver Medal:99.9% Pure Silver


The Gold Medal:25mm/ The Silver Medal:38mm


The Gold Medal:1 /2 oz./ The Silver Medal: 1 oz.


The Gold Medal:

【The Chinatrust Plaza】─ The Chinatrust Plaza is the new headquarter of the Chinatrust Financial Group located in Nangang District, Taipei, Taiwan. It is designed to resemble a Chinese character “mountain”, with its three towers connected to each other, denoting the fundamental concepts of family, prosperity, aiming high, and everlasting. These elements encourage all Chinatrust staff working together as a family to reach the peak and to be the most reliable partner of our customers all the time.

The Silver Medal:

【Treasures fill the house】─ The phrase “Treasures fill the house” originated from a book written by Lao-tzu, a famous Chinese philosopher. The two goldfishes in the pond signify a flourishing and wealthy family.


The Gold Medal:

【Peace and wellbeing】─ Apple is considered a blessed fruit because of its red color and round shape. Apple also pronounces the same as “peaceful” in Mandarin. May the apples bring you good fortune and make everything go well with you.

The Silver Medal:

【Centennial】─ Republic of China celebrates its 100th founding anniversary in 2011. Established 45 years ago in 1966, Chinatrust is committed to making itself “a Champion in Taiwan, a Leader in Asia, and an Innovator in North America” - a premium vision to continually move upwards. We are committed to a sustainable and responsible business by putting the CSR one of our top priorities and ready to greet our successful centennial in 2066.