Information Security Policy
Central Mint website–Declaration of Information Security Policy

As the data transmitting in Internet is not hundred percent safe, Central Mint strives to protect users of personal information safety. The procedure of data transferring is concern with the environment safety in which you are getting online, and we cannot make any confirmation and guarantee to the safety of users transferring or receiving the information from Central Mint. Users have to be careful of and take the responsibility of the risk of data transferring in Internet.

Users may willingly give their personal information in the website, for example, giving the email, name and other personal data in popular forum. If you worry that these personal data you provide will be collected and used by other people, you do not have to input these data. If the personal data you provide in the Internet could be read by other people, you may receive some advertisements and spam from other groups. Please understand the result caused from this part is not the area that Central Mint could control and take any responsibility.

  1. Privacy and the modification of the information security of the protection policy
    Central Mint will revise this policy irregularly scheduled in order to meet the latest standard of privacy protection. When the modification is in a large scale within the regulation of personal information, Central Mint will post the bulletin on the website to inform you the related items.

  2. Privacy and the policy questioning of information security

If you have any question to Central Mint website regarding the policy of privacy protection or the personal information of collection, application and update, please contact us on duty time, at 03-329-5174~8, or welcome email us by