Privacy Policy


Dear friends, your privacy is highly respected and concerned to the Central Mint. To help you understand how the Central Mint to collect, apply and protect your personal information, please read the following privacy and information security safeguards policy in detail. The policy will assist you in understanding all of services offered by Central Mint website and its derived websites, regarding to the principles and policies of collecting, applying and safeguarding the users’ personal information.

  • What This Privacy Policy Covers
      The privacy safeguard policy is only used for your personal information of collection, application and protection while you are taking the activities in the Central Mint website and other derived services websites from only. This policy does not cover other linked websites searched from Central Mint website, and your personal information will be protected under the privacy safeguard policy of these linked websites while you are taking the activities on these websites.
  • Personal Information Collection
      For the several ways to collect personal information:
      Online activities and surveys:

      When you take part in our online activities or questionnaires, you may be asked to summit some personal information such as your name, ID, phone number, email and address, etc. Through the hyperlinks of the advertisements or propagandas on our website, you may participate in these activities of lottery, contest or sale held by other websites or associations.

      The associations and hyperlink websites have their own privacy safeguard policy for the personal information provided by you automatically. Their procedure of data processing is not covered by the privacy safeguard policy of Central Mint website and we do not take any responsibility for you.

      General browsing:

      When you are browsing or querying on our website, Central Mint will receive and record the information on our server logs such as your IP address, using time, browser used and the web pages you request, etc.

      Central Mint will mark the individual connected browser and sum up all web pages browsed from user's browser. Unless you are willing to give your personal information, we would not and do not make any correspondence of this record and your personal information.


      Except you actively register on Central Mint website by providing personal information, you may automatically provide personal information such as e-mail and name on our website.

      This form of data providing is not covered under the scope of privacy protection policy of Central Mint website.

      Besides, if you write to the Central Mint website or give a response by other channels, such as communicating and processing records will be preserved as well.

  • Personal Cookies of Application And Policy
      To provide the personalization services, we will use cookies to store and track the user's data in certain time. Cookie is a small file transferred from our website to user's browser and placed on the user's hard drive. In the Advance of the Setup References of Netscape or the Security of Internet Options of IE, user can configure the level of accepting cookies, including accepting all cookies, warning you when cookies are in use or refusing all cookies. Once you choose to turn down all cookies, you may not use some parts of personalization services or take part in some activities.
      Generally, we would place and read the cookies in user's browser, according to the following purposes and situation:
      To offer better and more personalization services:That would be more convenience for you to join personalization of interacting activities. Cookies are set up when you register or log in, and modified when you log out.
      To statistic the number of visitors and analyze the browser types:To understand the situation of the web pages surfed is the reference of improving our service.
      To track down the advertisement being clicked or to join the sale activities :When sending an electronic papers or holding the sale activity by Central Mint website, sometimes Cookies would be written to track down the situation of the users taking part in the whole activity and the related data.
  • The Application of Personal Information
      Central Mint would not make any selling, rent and exchange your personal information to other groups or individual. Only in the following situation, Central Mint will share your personal information with third party under this principle of policy.
      Online activities and surveys:

      All collected name and Identity Card numbers by Central Mint are only for the activities of online lottery, and other information such as phone number, email and address are for informing the users and analyzing the result of drawing, not using them on other purposes.

      Other data is only for the purposes of service analysis or scholarship. Unless having the user's agreements, all of information is only for data analysis, the Central Mint does not use them on other purposes.

      Statistic and analysis:According to the online surveys, sale activities or documents of server logs, Central Mint would do some internal study on the number of users, user's interests and user's behaviors. The study proceeds the statistic analysis and collection is based on the information of users, and all of public information or analytic reports are only for proceeding analysis and announcement on the sum of the behaviors of all users, and we do not give the individual information to specific people.
  • Information Sharing and Disclosure
      Central Mint does not sell, exchange, or rent your personal information to other groups or individuals. Only in the following situation, Central Mint will share your personal information with third party under this principle of policy.
      To provide you other services or preferential rights:When the services and preferential rights provided by third party that needs to share with your information, Central Mint will offer an adequate statement and inform you before the information is collected. You can freely choose to accept the particular services or preferential rights, or not.
      To proceed the value added of service quality, estimation and research:To provide users the exact and preferential services, Central Mint must follow the agreement of the data confidentiality to compare the user information with the information of third person. Besides for the cooperative partners in the future, advertisement units, the service introduced from other third party and other legal purposes, Central Mint must reveal the statistic data related to users under the circumstances anonymous.
      Others:Central Mint has the obligation to protect its users privacy and personal information, without the your agreement we will not make any modification, deletion or provide all (or partly) users' personal information, unless having your agreement in advance or meeting the following situation:
      (1) The Republic of China of Judicial investigation units through legal procedures for access.
      (2) In violation of relevant regulations and has caused coercive.
      (3) Extension of the government websites based on active service effectiveness considerations.
      (4) Use protection of legal rights and interests of other users.